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i know they say you shouldn't trust people with two first names, but luckily i have three (phillip is my middle name if you were interested.)

with these three names, i've been lucky enough to be trusted by some of the biggest brands in the world to help them find their space in culture.

currently i serve as a creative director at the robot company / springhill company, where i work within our brand consultancy leading our epic games fortnite business, bringing the biggest entertainers, athletes, musicians and brands into the game.

before that i was a senior art director at annex88, a social first agency where i developed and produced campaigns for adidas, ralph lauren, gap, hugo boss, american eagle, and a plethora of musical artist.

and where i owe the beginnings of my journey, i started my career in fashion with a brand called VFILES, using our platform to empower up-and-coming designers, musicians, djs and photographers. my time started here as a pixel pushing designer and became the art director, overseeing all of the branding across the company.

my goal has always been to make cool, weird ideas, and so far i've been fortunate enough to hold that dream tight in both my personal and professional life. there's really nothing better than thinking of the big ideas and then crafting every piece to perfection throughout the process.

in my personal life, i love taking photos and riding my bike all over the city. i'm also fortunate enough to have a garden in queens, where at the start of spring you'll find me gardening followed up in the summer by taking the fruits of my labor to cook for my friends.

i'm also entertainment obsessed, consuming as much music as possible, playing video games and probably scrolling too much twitter (i really can't bring myself to call it x.)

with all that said, if you're still here reading, shoot me an email, i'd love to chat.

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