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the kid laroi x fortnite | icon campaign launch 2023
creative direction, art direction

the kid laroi entered fortnite unlike any icon before him. to enter the world he had to take on his biggest enemy, himself. we developed a campaign putting laroi at odds with himself, getting the audience ready for a head to head battle. for this campaign we created a hero animated launch film to set the tone, seeding kits to get influencers to pledge the allegiance to either laroi, ooh advertising and a one of a kind streaming experience with kenny beats + vince staples.

working with animation house golden wolf, we developed a hero film recruiting players to join the likes of rogue laroi or the kid laroi as they try to take over the metaverse. the duo have a meta back and forth as they fight for the attention of the viewer and get them ready to step into battle.


the campaign took on a life in the real world, recruiting people to join the kid laroi in nyc and la

to continue our mission of recruiting players to join laroi, we sent out two distinct seeding kits from either laroi to streamer talent for them to open live on stream. each briefcase contained a cd and cd player with the film to be the first to share it with the world, a poster, custom merch, sunglasses and a blacklight flashlight to reveal secret messages from laroi. streamers shared these online to get their audience hyped for the collab.

most importantly we got a co-sign from one of the biggest streamers on the planet calling out packing "the coolest shit ever". 


once the experience went live and laroi dropped into the game, we wrapped up the campaign with kenny beats and vince staples, who played the experience on stream for his audience, creating his first ever gaming stream. him and vince then took the music from the experience, remixed it and rapped over it, creating an original track with fortnite sounds.

the stream set the internet off with kenny, vince and fortnite fans going crazy online over the stream.

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