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american eagle gaming

during 2020, we developed 2 gaming campaigns with american eagle to give fans of the athletes a look into their lives to see what their lives are like behind the camera.

behind the screens

for the first campaign, we partnered with team liquid athletes vivid and insania to get a bts look into what keeps them grounded away from gaming. we spent the day with vivid as he showed us his second love, fishing and went into the forests of the netherlands with insania to go on mediation hikes.

meet the squad


for the second release in this gaming push, we worked with 2hype house athletes to promote the air flex denim line. we created a campaign film that showed an authentic story of friends in the gaming space and how they're able to go between gaming + basketball, their two passions. 

we also worked with them to shoot a vlog that would live natively on their channel to promote the content.

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