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giannis antetokounmpo x fortnite | icon campaign launch 2022
creative direction, art direction

to celebrate giannis antetokounmpo joining fortnite, we introduced the world to his story by highlighting his dual heritages, greek and nigerian, in a stand off in the sky.  we took this time to show the world giannis's goofy side with a superhero level entrance into the metaverse. to ensure  fans had a chance to experience the world of giannis, we brought the costumes on the road to milwaukee to have his local fans marvel in in the details, and brought the film to the world through a playable mini game inspired by our film.


our film took giannis through the clouds as he was met with the only person who dares to take him on, himself. the film was shot using an xr stage and unreal engine post production for cgi, to create a grand entrance for our hero.


we recreated giannis's in-game outfits irl with legendary costume house ironhead studios, replicating all the intricate details of the digital outfits. these then hit the road - visiting fiserv forum, home of the milkwaukee bucks, so fans could take in all of the details up close and personal during the nba season.


the final piece to the campaign was creating a mini game in fortnite, inspired by the film. working with beyond, we developed a capture the flag style game that had players flying through the air as they knocked opponents to the floor below.

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