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metallica + fortnite | immersive concert experience rollout
creative direction

to get audiences ready for the ultimate cross-generational digital experience, we created a series of hype up executions to get audiences ready to tap into fortnite and experience metallica for the first time in the metaverse.

to bring this to life, we created a hype film that good viewers ready for the musical battle ahead as well as creating instructional pieces to inform a new audience how to access fortnite for the first time.

working with director christian breslauer, we created a film that hyped up metallica fans young and old to enter the concert.

the film followed the journey of a lone metal worker as they craft the tools needed to enter the world of fuel, fire and fury in the immersive in-game experience.

the film was filled with fan service easter eggs for both diehard gamers and metallica fifth members, being broken down frame by frame as people went on a journey to find all of the hidden elements.


to get the final seal of approval, the band stepped away from their time on tour to check out the film, which was then shared on social to hype up their diehards.


to ensure we got the word out far and wide about this immersive sonic experience, we created custom social assets that spoke to both an engaged gamer audience and less engaged metallica audience to ensure they knew where to go.

firstly, we created teasers that appeared in the hero film, counting down the date to launch.

we then created a series of aaa passes to share on social that implied the concert language while being incredibly informative for the fanbase looking to go.


and then to make sure absolutely nothing was lost in translation, we created animated instructional guides in 7 languages to ensure that metallica fans knew exactly how to enter the concert.

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