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the weeknd x fortnite | icon campaign launch 2023
creative direction

the weeknd entered fortnite in 2023, ready to take the stage in the new game fortnite festival. we developed a film cementing his entry into the world as he parts the crowd through the club as he hits the main stage and transports into game.

the launch of our film hit the road as it was projected it in multiple countries on large buildings, engaging fans on the ground with a synchronized launch both IRL and online.

working with director duo brthr, we developed our hero film, utilizing their unique style to create a music video style film to launch the weeknd into the fortnite universe.

the film premiered on the weeknd's social channels, so ensuring the visuals were of his world were of the upmost importance as to not feel like a departure from his brand identity. this resulted in one of the highest viewed videos for both epic + the weeknd on their brand channels and had fans begging for more after being sucked into the world we developed.


the film had a unique color grade that fit directly into the weeknd's brand feel, creating an extension of his world before he entered fortnite.

this online premiere was complimented with irl projections in three cities across north america.

la live, la, united states

the mod club, toronto, canada

wtc, mexico city, mexico

these projections drew out xo fans to watch the live premiere, get merch and be part of a moment for their idol.

Fan with shirt with projection in background.JPG
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